Low Cost LCD Conversion kit for TDS5, 6, 7xx scopes

The Tektronix TDS5, 6, 7xx series oscilloscopes are very nice scopes but being about 10 yrs old now, many are in need of replacement CRT's. The color scopes in particular are prone to CRT failure (dim display) as they operate at higher brightness to overcome loss in the LCD shutter bonded to the front of the CRT. 

I am pleased to offer a low cost conversion kit that replaces the CRT assy with a modern color LCD. This conversion provides the same resolution and clarity as the original CRT - there is no loss in resolution. The display area is also the same size as with the CRT - on screen menus line up perfectly with their respective controls (one distinct advantage of the LCD is that screen geometry is perfect). The LCD provides a wide viewing angle and a very bright display that is controlled by the original on screen controls (brightness, color etc). In a side by side test you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between this LCD and a good CRT. 

The kit (shown below) includes detailed installation instructions, LCD assy (with inverter), main circuit board assy and mounting plate (pre-assembled), a protective cover (with anti-glare finish), all required interconnect cables, hardware and a small push-button controller for initial configuration. 

No soldering or special tools are required to install this kit. 

Price is $625 which is very nearly half of competing products! Order details can be found at the bottom of this page. For an additional $25, I will install this kit for you (you pay all shipping charges).


You will receive detailed installation instructions with the kit - more than 80 pictures cover every step of the installation.

The following tools are required: 


Installation of this kit requires that you discharge and remove the original CRT. The CRT has a very high (LETHAL) voltage on its anode. If you are not qualified to work with such voltages, please allow me to install this kit for you.

To reduce the possibility of ESD damage, please ensure that your work bench is equipped with a grounded ESD mat and use a grounded wrist band when performing this procedure.







To order this LCD conversion kit or receive additional information please send an email  km5tz@san.rr.com.


LCD replacement kit for

TDS5xx, 6xx, 7xx series digital oscilloscopes

Many of these oscilloscopes are limping along with a dim (burned out) display. Replacement CRT/LCD shutter assemblies are no longer available. This kit was designed to replace aging CRT displays with a modern hi-resolution LCD display.


More Information

 Kit Includes

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long will it take to install?
Approximately 2.5 hours by a competent repair technician. 

Is there any soldering required?

What tools are required?
Torx 15 and Torx 20 Drivers. A flat screw driver. Small Phillips screwdriver. Needle nose pliers.

Are there any extra parts required?
No, the kit comes complete with all hardware necessary for installation.

Will it come with instructions? With pictures?
Yes, a very detailed installation guide is provided with more than 80 detailed pictures. Every step is covered in detail.

Do I have to do any modifications to my instrument?

Will I notice any differences in the operation of my instrument?
No, other than a nice bright display, the instrument will behave exactly as it did prior to installing the kit. Note however that the VGA output on the rear of the scope will no longer be available as the opening is used for a new connector to program the LCD module.

What do I do with the old display?
Discard it in accordance with your state's hazardous material guidelines.

What is the warranty period?
3 months, Parts and Labor for material workmanship. Physical damage or abuse is excluded.