2006 BMW 760i V12


I recently purchased this 2006 BMW 760i for $5,000. This is a short wheel base 12 cylinder car and quite rare as only 50 were sold in North America in 2006!

As best I can tell, the car spent its first few years in Las Vegas and then San Diego. There is no sign of any significant accidents, it has a clean title, fresh smog and 139K mi.

The car has a few minor scrapes (you can see the one on the front left side below) which will give me an opportunity to work on my painting skills. There's a long list of issues in need of repair... most were disclosed and a few more I found later.

A little scrape on the rear bumper.

The engine bay needs cleaning. Both high pressure fuel pumps and associated hoses have been replaced. I was told the sender unit on the fuel tank has also been replaced.

The interior is in pretty nice shape with minimal wear on the leather.

The CD Changer has been removed and replaced with a cable in the glove box for an IPOD. I found an old IPOD in the house which required a simple repair and it works great!

Here's is the build sheet for this car:


Vehicle information


VIN:                       WBAHL03516DE70038

Type code:           HL03

Model:                  760I (USA)

E-F-R series:       E65

Series:                  7

Type:                     LIM

Steering:               LL

Doors:                   4

Engine:                 N73

Displacement:     6.00

Power:                  327 (444 hp)

Drive:                    HECK

Transmission:      AUTO

Paint code:          354 - TITANSILBER METALLIC

Upholstery code: U6SW - LEDER NASCA SCHW

Prod.date:            2005-07-06



S2EA BMW LA wheel Y-spoke 149

S2VA Chassis suspens. setup"Adaptive Drive"

S8SP Control unit COP

S9AA Outer skin protection

S212 Equipment, brake syst. country-specific

S220 Self-leveling suspension

S252 Active knee protection, driver/passenger

S255 Sports leather steering wheel

S302 Alarm system

S316 automatic trunk lid mechanism

S319 Integrated universal remote control

S323 Soft-Close-Automatic doors

S358 Climate comfort windscreen

S403 Glass roof, electrical

S415 Sun-blind, rear

S416 Roller sun visor, rear lateral

S423 Floor mats, velours

S430 Interior/outside mirror with auto dip

S431 Interior rear-view mirror with auto dip

S438 Fine wood trim

S441 Smoker package

S442 Drink holder

S451 Active seat for driver

S453 Climatised front seats

S456 Comfort seat with memory

S459 El. front seat adjustment w. memory

S470 Isofix-System

S488 Lumbar support, driver and passenger

S494 Seat heating driver/passenger

S496 Seat heating, rear

S508 Park Distance Control (PDC)

S521 Rain sensor

S524 Adaptive Headlights

S534 Automatic air conditioning

S609 Navigation system, Professional

S620 Voice control

S645 BMW US Radio

S655 Satellite tuner

S672 CD changer for 6 CDs

S677 HiFi system Professional DSP

S691 CD holder

S697 Area-Code 1 for DVD

S760 High gloss shadow line

S776 Headlining, Alcantara

S845 Acoustic fasten seat belt reminder

S850 Additional Export tank filling

S853 Language version, English

S925 Dispatch protection pack

S992 Control of number-plate attachment


The car has its original 20" (staggered) wheels which are in decent shape (some minor curb rash) and there's a matching full size spare in the trunk.

This was a bit of an impulse buy, had I checked it out more carefully I doubt I would have paid $5K for it! It has a long list of things that need fixing but most are very common for this car and a wealth of DIY info can be found on the web. The paint work needs repairs in a few places but other parts of this car's paint look to be in excellent condition. The rubber door and window seals all look to be in good shape with the exception of the lower gutter at the bottom of the rear window which is starting to rot (BMW uses very poor quality plastic and rubber).

My goal for this car is to keep the spend to a minimum and I will ofcourse do all the repairs myself (even the paint!).

I used INPA to read out the errors and DIS to check the battery registration and charge profile. Below is a summary of the car errors at time of purchase and after fixing a few things (2/25/18).

E R R O R  M E M O R Y            
Date:     18.02.2018 15:54:45            
Model:    E65            
Scope:    all control module JobStatus: OKAY              
Quantity: 54 `              
ADR Gen. name JobStatus              
    At time of purchase            2/25/18 Likely cause
ADR Name   Status Number of errors      
00 ZGM Central gateway module OK No Error stored   0 errors  
01 SIM/SGM Safety information OK 1 Error stored 93FC  20 0 errors  
02 SZL Steering switch center OK 1 Error stored 94E7  20 0 errors Dirty contacts in steering angle sliders?
03 SASL Satellite A-pillar left OK No Error stored   0 errors  
04 SASR Satellite A-pillar right OK No Error stored   0 errors  
06 STVL/TEFA Satellite front left OK No Error stored   0 errors  
06 STVR/TEBF Satellite front right OK No Error stored   0 errors  
07 SSFA Lear satellite seat driver OK No Error stored   0 errors  
08 SSBF Lear satellite seat passenger OK No Error stored   0 errors  
09 SBSL Satellite B-pillar left OK No Error stored   0 errors  
0A SBSR Satellite B-pillar right OK No Error stored   0 errors  
0D SSH Seat satellite rear OK No Error stored   0 errors  
0E SFZ Satellite receiver OK No Error stored   0 errors  
12 DME/DDE Digital motor electronics OK 3 Errors stored 27F4  04
274E  81
274A  81
0 errors  
13 DME/DDE Digital motor electronics OK 2 Errors stored 274E  81
2749  81
0 errors  
18 EGS Electronic transmission control OK 1 Errors stored CF24  24 0 errors  
23 ARS Anti-roll stabilization OK No Error stored   0 errors  
29 DSC Dynamic stability control OK 4 Errors stored 5F12  A0
5EF4  A0
5EE4  E0
5EAB  A0
5EE4 E0 Faulty ABS module. This error is usually caused by bad FET or bond wire driving pre-charge pump.
2A EMF Electro-mech parking brake OK 8 Errors stored 6030        F4
D3BD       A8
D3BE        A4
6043        A2
6040        A1
6044        A1
6045        A8
6046        A2
0 errors All cleared after installing new gear.
35 SVS Speech processing system OK No Error stored   0 errors  
36 TEL Telephone OK No Error stored   0 errors  
37 AMP Radio amplifier OK No Error stored   0 errors  
38 EHC Electronic height control OK No Error stored   0 errors  
39 EDC Electronic damping control OK 1 Error stored 5FF7  34 0 errors  
3B NAV Navigation  OK No Error stored   0 errors  
3C CDC CD changer OK No Error stored   0 errors  
3F ASK Audio system controller OK 2 Error stored A189  20
D8D1  20
A189 20 Unknown. Perhaps because CD changer replaced with IPOD?
40 CAS Car access system OK 1 Error stored A0B5  24 0 errors  
41 DWA Theft dterrent OK No Error stored   0 errors  
42 CIM Chassis integration module OK 1 Error stored 5D36  64 0 errors Hall sensor
43 POW Hella power module (regulator?) OK 4 Error stored A148  24
A163   21
A158   21  high voltage error?
A161  21
0 errors

Recharge battery?
Battery is weak and will need to be replaced.

Car is presently coded for 90AH AGM battery but looks like

a regular lead acid fitted. Only one registered battery change in the history!

44 SHD Sun roof OK No Error stored   0 errors  
45 RLS Rain light sensor OK No Error stored   0 errors  
46 WIM Bosch wiper module OK No Error stored   0 errors  
47 ANTTU VDO antenna tuner OK No Error stored   0 errors  
4C TMFT Door module  OK No Error stored   0 errors  
4D TMBT Door module  OK No Error stored   0 errors  
4E TMFTH Door module  OK No Error stored   0 errors  
4F TMBTH Door module  OK No Error stored   0 errors  
50 SINE Alarm Siren OK 1 Error stored 9D12  11 0 errors Siren has a built in rechargeable battery that most likely needs replacing.
54 RADIO Radio OK 1 Error stored DE11  20 0 errors  
60 KOMBI Instrument cluster OK 4 Error stored 9319   24
A3BA   20
A3C7   20
E111  20
0 errors  
62 MOSTGW Becker Most gateway OK No Error stored   0 errors  
63 MMI/CCC Becker GUI (LCD?) OK No Error stored   0 errors  
64 PDC Park Distance Control OK No Error stored   0 errors  
65 BZM/SZM Center console OK No Error stored   0 errors  
67 EC Alps central control unit OK No Error stored   0 errors  
6B HKL Hydraulic trunk lift OK No Error stored   0 errors  
6D FAS Driver Temoic seat module OK No Error stored   0 errors  
6E BFS Passenger Temic seat module OK No Error stored   0 errors  
70 LM Light module OK 1 Error stored E514  24 0 errors  
78 KLIMA Climate control OK 1 Error stored 9C76 64 9C76 64 Coolant re-circulation pump


Issues to be addressed:

  1. Left passenger door sun shade is jammed (right side and rear are OK). FIXED.

  2. Paint repair needed, front left side bumper, rear bumper, rear right pillar, front right fender (looks like an acid spill). Front of hood also has a lot of paint chips. The paintwork on the rest of the car looks pretty good.

  3. Steering wheel tilt inop (stuck high). FIXED.

  4. Strong smell of coolant in the engine bay.

  5. Valve covers are covered in oil. Also a slow drip underneath but I've not crawled under to look at it yet. After the car sat a few weeks I drove to the gas station and whilst filling up was told there's smoke coming out of my car! I quickly popped the hood expecting an electrical issue but it was just oil burning off the exhaust manifold - oil is leaking onto exhaust manifold from valve covers.

  6. Some minor curb rash on wheels

  7. Parking brake inop. FIXED

  8. ASC inop. ABS module needs repair and has been sent out for repair, now FIXED.

  9. Front left wheel missing one wheel lug. Purchased a replacement ($2) FIXED

  10. Engine hood liner appears burnt in places and will need replacing

  11. Occasional hiccup from the transmission during test drive. No sign of this on the drive home and occasional drive around my neighborhood. Also no transmission errors.

  12. Headlight lenses need to be replaced or refinished (seller advised he refinished them once but did not last).

  13. Driver and passenger thigh support extension not working (passenger did work). Common problem - plastic gears! Fix underway

I knew about everything above when I purchased this car but there were more issues found later (and i'm sure more will follow).

1.    Right rear air shock leaks (bleeds down within an hour or so of shutting off the car). I was a bit surprised that this was not disclosed.


2.    Signs of a battery connection problem!

The plastic cover that sits above the battery has melted (above the +ve terminal)! I don't see any damage at the battery/wiring so appears this was already corrected and most likely caused by a loose connection.

The car is coded for an AGM battery (I checked with DIS) but it is fitted with a regular lead acid battery! The car needs re-coding so the battery will charge correctly.

3.    This one I expected.... Engine needs a top end rebuild (plugs. gaskets, hoses). After sitting a few weeks I drove down the street to get some gas and while filling her up a bystander advised there's smoke coming from your car! I quickly popped the hood expecting an electrical issue but it was just oil burning off the exhaust manifold. The valve cover gaskets are leaking. Some of the plugs may be drowning in oil too and the cause of an occasional stutter when cold.


Parts purchased so far

I usually look for great deals on parts and will buy in advance of needing them if the price is right! Ebay, RMeuropean and ECS are where I buy most things.

2 x Rear tires 275/35ZR20 Falken FP8000 Ebay 219
Slime tube repair (for rear air shock)  Ebay 7.15
Metal gear for parking brake.  Ebay    19.49

Thigh Support Actuator Repair Metal Gear (2 pcs). Refund requested as these did not fit/work


Nylon gears for thigh support w/expedited shipping from Turkey!



2 x ATE SP30118 Front rotors (Ebay) 128.45 - 20%coupon These things are massive!


Front brake pads Wagner MX918 Ebay 29.65 -20% coupon


Rear brake pads  Wagner MX919   Ebay 26.95
Bosch ABS module (brand new) Ebay  (Great deal! I will re-sell this if unable to fix my original part) BMW part # 34522284921 219
ABS repair service 95
2 x Mahale LX1216 air filters (RM European) 36.56
1 eng oil filter 7.16
1 x wheel lug bolt 2
2L hydraulic fluid CHF11S 21.24





 Parts needed

51417025647    Plastic cap for screw in drivers door card ($8.70 ea ECS)

07119904304   Screw for trunk tie down eyelett  $2.32 (ECS)

51717033257   Rear window rain gutter $30.58 (ECS tuning)

51717030707   deflector front of rear wheel  $19.88 (ECS tuning)

51717030708   deflector front of rear wheel  $19.88 (ECS tuning)

54128169710  Sunroof seal

??                      Bracket for hood switch


New Battery ~ $150

Gaskets/hoses for top end refurb $$!

Spark plugs (x12)

Coolant recirculation pump

26117518443   Guibo RME $81.58


Rear rotors

Paint (body)

Paint (wheels)




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