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Last  updated 1-14-16

Hello and welcome to KM5TZ's website.

Here you will find details on some of my Ham Radio projects, BMW car projects and other stuff I work on...

About me...

I was born and educated in the UK and received the Ham call sign G4CYH a little over 40 yrs ago. After traveling the world (oil exploration), I moved to the US and initially lived in Texas (acquiring US call sign KM5TZ) but I now live in Del Mar which is just north of San Diego, California. I am an Electrical Engineer by profession and have spent most of my career developing microwave telecommunications products.

I enjoy building my own equipment, restoring vintage tube gear, fixing BMW's, repairing and reselling electronic test equipment. I'm also an avid mountain biker.

Me and some of my vintage radio collection (several years ago).

This was one of my favorite receivers for a long time; it is a Racal RA-17L that I lugged back from the UK. I checked it in at the baggage counter and received it at the other end with absolutely no problem! I completely rebuilt this one and upgraded the audio output section (stock output is only 50mW) to a 6AQ5. It has exceptional AM performance. I worked for Racal after graduating University in the UK but by then technology had moved past vacuum tubes.

The speaker above this receiver is an early RME speaker. The guy I bought it from said it sounded better than a Collins speaker and he was right - it really is a great sounding speaker for AM. 

Please follow the links below


LCD conversion kit for Tektronix TDS5, 6, 7xx scopes  

My Ebay items for sale


Ham Radio projects:

HPSDR (my new SDR) (ongoing)

SDR (Software defined Radio) (completed)

Tabletop Class E AM transmitter (80/160m) (completed)

Class E AM transmitter A big one! (Completed)

Homebrew AM Transmitter (4-125's modulated by 4-125's) (a project I started but never finished)

Collins 312A-2 (S/N 1 !!)

Collins 32V2 (Completed)

Collins 75A2 (Completed)

Collins KWS-1 (Completed)

Eldico SSB-100 (Completed) FOR SALE (make me an offer)!

Car projects:

BMW 540i

BMW 740i

BMW 760i

BMW 850i


4-Runner Limited


Thank you for visiting! 

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